Committed to the environment

Respect for the environment and its resources is our priority, to give back to future generations a healthy land in which to live our daily commitment.

How we produce

Technologies and production flows that respect the environment

The processing cycle takes place at our four production sites following rigorous procedures that are checked at every step , according to the lean method implemented in 2016 and compliance with environmental protection measures.

All operations are performed by qualified personnel , constantly trained in the use of new technologies and respect for the environment.

We know that every choice we make has an impact on the environment and we strive every day to ensure that our economy rhymes with ecology and that our decisions allow us to look to the environmental future with confidence.

FSC® and PEFC certification

We contribute to responsible forest management

We only implement responsible production processes, we use PEFC and FSC® certified panels, made with woods from responsibly managed forests and we adopt painting procedures that limit emissions by using upon customer’s request, styrene-free polyester lacquer, and products with water-based lacquer.

Look for our FSC certified products.

Energy efficiency

We constantly invest in technologies to reduce consumption

All our production processes are monitored to analyze energy consumption and optimize efficiency.

We believe in healthy and sustainable development, which is the leitmotif of all our choices and technological investments, and we are committed every day to reduce the impact on the ecosystem and the environment:

By limiting the production of waste, emissions, discharges to a minimum

Recovering 98% of the waste produced

By providing rigorous audits of our environmental management system