10 February 2023

Technology runs,

L.A.P.M. runs together with technology

Technology runs, does not walk but runs, leading to important changes in every field of society and in the working environment.

Let’s take for example, the recent innovations in the automotive industry: within a few years we have gone from electric cars with a range of less than 80 km to the latest ones that promise over almost 600 km of range on a single charge.


In view of all this, companies have no other option than to embrace change and choose innovation.

This is the path taken by L.A.P.M., which in recent years has never stopped investing in new technical and technological solutions and which has begun 2023 with the addition of new, even more advanced systems and solutions for the digitization of production processes.

Technology runs, - LAPM


The investment program that L.A.P.M. is implementing includes an innovative Smartedge edge finishing line produced by the Cefla Group and a system produced by the company Ecosys Srl for transferring and feeding the products to the units of this line.

The Smartedge model line represents the complete solution for painting and smoothing the edges of both flat and shaped panels and offers multiple advantages in terms of technology and function, as well as the environment.

In terms of sustainability, the new investment involves the use of new sealants with 100% dry residue and makes it possible to eliminate the consumption of polluting paints at every stage of the production process, with the consequent shutdown of the solvent abatement systems which, due to their correct operation, they produce CO2. An important step in favor of the environment

Furthermore, the investment made will allow us to obtain higher performances in terms of quality and better conditions at an organisational/strategic level: the first weeks of work with the new plant confirmed excellent adhesion of the paint and a significant reduction in crossing of the material compared to before, with consequent reduction of energy consumption.

The important and costly investment was possible thanks to obtaining a MISE contribution for innovative and sustainable projects, consistent with the national Transition 4.0 plan.

The subsidy application presented to Invitalia required a precise description of the innovation project, based on the use of technologies capable of increasing the level of efficiency and flexibility in carrying out the economic activity of the company.

In order to get the contribution, L.A.P.M. has shown that it possesses some fundamental requirements, including: being part of energy-intensive companies with high energy consumption and possessing a valid energy diagnosis, having adhered to an environmental management system or having ISO certifications 14001 and PEFC and FSC in addition to ISO 9001, possess a Legality Rating and be in compliance with the provisions in force regarding labor legislation and contribution obligations, injury prevention and environmental protection.

This request, certainly demanding on a descriptive and documentary level, thanks to a clear development plan and coherent actions and investments by the Company, was accepted and generated a further boost to the dream of continuing to be, for our customers and the market, a certainty in terms of quality and technology.


The project is currently under way ad is already accompanied by new challenges around the corner. Soon, in fact, L.A.P.M. intends to implement the process of obtaining the ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 certifications, as well as the Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.

“Continuing to generate work cannot do without generating safety and well-being for the people who work in the Company, respect for the environment that surrounds us and which we will pass on to the next generation, a commitment to satisfy the Customer who continues to choose us and give us trust.

For these fundamental reasons, the development path we have taken can only continue and always welcome new challenges”, states with full conviction Enrico Faè, founder of L.A.P.M. and first and inexhaustible engine of change and innovation of the Company.


See you soon, therefore, with the next news and the new challenges accepted by the L.A.P.M. world.




LAPM editorial staff