12 December 2022

Excellent CM80 by Makor Group

Our choice for a perfect finish

Today we will talk about Excellent CM80, an extraordinary machine in the painting sector, capable of applying both matt and glossy primers and finishes with very high quality, of managing large quantities of applied paint and continuous cycle processes, with a perfect product in return.

Excellent CM80 by Makor Group - LAPM

Thanks to the innovative design of the booth, combined with a 2.5 m wide self-cleaning belt without the use of side strips, the machine can paint panels, furniture components and doors with continuous cycle productions.

With this technology and patent, Makor Group, a leading company in the production of wood finishing machines, with the collaboration and support of our Research and Development Team, won the XIA-Xylexpo Innovation Award for the “finishing” category.

Thanks to this machine, whose design and development L.A.P.M. has collaborated from the beginning, we create a product that is perfect in its finish, guaranteeing:

  • Elimination of any type of contamination on the product during the painting phase: no more dusting, no side strips, no dust on the piece.
  • Guarantee of the highest safety standards.
  • Reduction of the impact of the production system on the environment.
  • Significant energy savings thanks to automatic and punctual management, via inverter, of the suction system and the halving of the oscillation motorization consumption.
  •  Greater recovery of excess paint thanks to an articulated cleaning system.
  • Productions in 24 hours.
Excellent CM80 by Makor Group - LAPM

EXCELLENT CM80: our choice of quality to guarantee the customer an excellent product and zero contamination, while ensuring safety at work, caring for the environment and reducing consumption.

Excellent CM80 by Makor Group - LAPM

LAPM editorial staff