28 March 2022

Rally: Mattia Vita carbon neutral in the European Championship

Carbon neutral or even carbon negative: this is the goal of the driver Mattia Vita who,
alongside his navigator Massimiliano Bosi, he participates in the European Rally Championship aboard the new Ford Fiesta Rally4.

“We wanted to accept the challenge of making green a sport seen as unsustainable, without giving up the roar of the engines, and of doing it with forests on the Italian territory. Today we have the opportunity to make a motor sport, typically polluting by direct and indirect production of CO2 – see the use of fossil fuel – carbon neutral or even carbon negative, as in our case: we will be the first to succeed ” , said Mattia Vita and Max Bosi.

The challenge is to compete at zero CO2 without giving up the roar of the thermal engine. By joining the Forever Zero CO2 project. Forever Bambù, the green economy holding specializing in the planting of giant bamboo, will zero the emissions of all its tenders, from today and for the next ten years, thanks to
seven giant bamboo forests of the company in Italy (for a total of 200 hectares). The initiative was presented in recent days in Modena .

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