2 November 2022

New milestone for LAPM: large-scale water-based painting

After an intense period of tests, adaptations and continuous calibrations of the new plant, on 2 November 2022 we finally reached the goal of producing large quantities of material using water painting and ensuring the maintenance of our rigorous quality standards: another important milestone for LAPM!

Thanks to the use of water-based paints, in fact, it is possible to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment by 95%, compared to the use of common solvent-based paints.
For this reason and to meet the needs of customers, who are increasingly attentive and sensitive to environmental issues, LAPM has chosen to develop a line entirely dedicated to water-based painting.
We are convinced that the way to go is that of eco-sustainability and respect for
the environment “, says the owner, Enrico Faè, enthusiastic about the new project. And he adds,:
“For this reason we have purchased and customized a highly technological system and
innovative that allows us to carry out water-based finishing on large quantities and with techniques
different: catalyzed, cross-linked, single-component.
Soon, we will be ready to supply also the water-based painted primer.
Of course, the commitment to the environment is combined with the commitment to Quality : our product
will continue to guarantee the high and rigorous performance of traditional painting, main
reason of the success of our Company “.

A special thanks to the team that works in the painting department, who with commitment and professionalism participated in this important milestone and we hope to see you soon with the next updates!

The LAPM editorial team