Su di Noi

The L.A.P.M. company s.r.l., in order to ensure conditions of correctness and transparency in carrying out its activities, has decided to proceed with the implementation of the Organization and Management Model as required by Legislative Decree 231/2001. This initiative was taken in the belief that the adoption of this Model can constitute a valid tool for raising awareness of all those who operate in the name and on behalf of the company, so that they follow correct behaviors in carrying out their activities. and linear, such as to prevent the risk of committing the crimes contemplated in the Decree as well as improve the management of the company, constituting the foundation of an integrated system for monitoring business activity. L.A.P.M. s.r.l. it has also adapted to the provisions of the Legislative Decree. n.24/2023 regarding the protection of reporting persons (whistleblowing); the Decree provides for the establishment of an internal channel for companies that allows them to report information, acquired in the work context, relating to violations of national or European Union regulatory provisions that harm the public interest or the integrity of the company . It is possible to communicate any violations of the Model and the Code of Ethics to the Supervisory Body, established for the management of reports, with the task of supervising the correct application and effectiveness of the Model.

An integral part of the Model are: