as the driving force behind every business choice

Quality is the compass that guides our every choice and every phase of the production flow.

Company policy

Being Quality to create and distribute Quality

The search for Quality is not identified only with the final phase of product control, but is expressed in every choice and moment of the company life, embodying actions that make each employee an active protagonist of Quality.

We believe in Quality , which is what drives our every choice and every phase of the production flow and the first ingredient of customer satisfaction.

We believe in teamwork and in the importance of each of its “players”: every role, within L.A.P.M., represents a fundamental link for achieving the business goal.

We believe in the development of the resources who collaborate with us and we constantly activate internal training courses aimed at increasing their operational and transversal skills.

We believe in change understood as a means to achieve continuous improvement, we constantly analyze our production flows to increase their efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.

We believe in technological innovation and constantly invest in state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art systems capable of producing Quality by optimizing workflows and reducing environmental impact.

We believe in the protection of the territory and the environment, the main legacy of future generations and for this reason we are committed every day to reducing our environmental impact and pursuing sustainable development goals.

Quality and innovation

Maximum quality thanks to teamwork

L.A.P.M Srl is a European leader in the production of lacquered doors for the furniture industry, a leadership built on quality, on the use of the best technologies available on the market today and based on solid traditions and values, primarily eco-sustainability. Thanks to compliance with particularly high-quality standards, continuous research and technological innovation combined with respect for the environment and constant dialogue with the customer, L.A.P.M has built and developed over time partnerships with the major kitchen manufacturers in the world, consolidating with them relationships of trust and continuity.

The trust of our customers is our greatest success, achieved thanks to:

  • Careful and continuous quality monitoring at every stage of the production flow
  • Respect for delivery times
  • Attentive and punctual customer service


360 ° Quality

All our production phases, from design to production, take place within a TOTAL QUALITY system, accredited by the main Certification Bodies:

  • LAPM certifies its FSC® (FSC® – C128226) and PEFC (PEFC / 18-31-829) productions, to guarantee the origin of the raw material from eco-sustainable harvest.
  • LAPM is a company with a quality management system certified by
    DNV ISO 9001:2015
  • LAPM is a company with an environmental management system certified in the painting and drying phases by
    DNV ISO 14001:2015.
  • Our future projects see us committed to obtaining certifications
    ISO 45001 e ISO 50001.

“Quality is not achieved by chance or luck but requires a strategic plan and a continuous investment of attention and energy.
L.A.P.M. Quality project starts from the inside, from the company organization and from the atmosphere that reigns in the company, from feeling good.
Thanks to these elements, to a specific and targeted training action on staff and the adoption of cutting-edge machinery and innovative technologies, L.A.P.M. wants to provide its customer with a quality product, service and experience, becoming a sort of extension of the Client himself.
In the corporate value system, the success of the customer equals the success of L.A.P.M. ”

Enrico Faè, Owner of L.A.P.M.